Aldaniti gives you the ability to reach your potential customers through different channels of off-line directly. Ensuring the highest quality and in strict accordance with the Data Protection Act. For this we give you the option to use our database for mailing campaigns, SMS and telemarketing.

markoff_2envioposSending Direct Mailing:

We offer you a range of possibilities to bring your services, products and promotions directly to the mailbox of your potential customers from a database of addresses fully standardized and consistent with your segmentation to service printing, packaging of parcels and posting deposit.


If your goal is to distribute your message quickly and effectively through direct personal contact and getting an immediate and instantly measurable effect, telemarketing is the best solution. We offer you a database of numbers (fixed and mobile) and the segmentation that best suits your needs so you can have closer contact with users and staff. All phones have been standardized to ensure the validity of all numbers, increasing the results of your campaign.


The world revolution brought about by the new technology has made messages through mobile phones one of the most powerful advertising media used to reach your target, with a very attractive cost per impact and immediate feedback. In Aldaniti have a complete database of mobile phones and the line holders have given their consent to receive information about your company, and a platform for sending your campaigns.