We ensure that your advertising campaign will reach the users who wish to receive it


Email marketing is one of the best channels to get online results, and 10 years support our extensive experience in this field. If you’re looking to hit users with your email marketing campaigns, Aldaniti provides a live database with numerous segmentation options and an open rate well above the industry average thanks mainly to its certification program in the Return Path that allows us to reach the inbox of the major email providers like Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc…


Our services go far beyond sending campaigns. We were extremely involved in the process and offer a wide range of services that seek to optimize the results of our customers by offering a range of solutions tailored to your needs.


Also, if you need a hand, we can comprehensively manage (strategy, creative, landing pages, testing, results, etc…) your campaigns without you having to invest even a minute into it. Benefit from the comfort of leaving it in our hands.