origen1According to a report from Gartner, worldwide Social Media ad revenues could reach $16.9 billion dollars by the end of this year, which represents an increase by 43.1% compared to 2011. Likewise, BIA/Kelsey recently stated that by the year 2016 U.S. Social Media Ad Revenues will have reached as high as $9.2 billion.

These impressive figures theoretically speaking show that Social Media is in good health and the two conclusions that we can draw are that either investment is high because somehow you can cash in on it or because investors are obsessed with 2.0.

The general opinion is that if a company is not on Facebook, Twitter o any other social network is like they don’t exist, and that a good chunk of money should be allocated to social media, but nobody talks about how to make money out of it. Can you guess the reaction of the board of directors? And in the midst of this storm of opinions and mixed feelings, Community Managers and Social Media buddies are trying to stay alive.

As the proverb says “A watched pot never boils”, so the information and opinions that circulate shouldn’t affect us too much. Of course we should take into consideration some information that we receive but we must also think outside the box. We cannot stop trying to do things just because somebody else says it’s not possible. We have to go beyond clichés, myths, statistics and even science.

Nevertheless these days we have good news that should keep us going. According to the study “Social Media Around the World 2012” more than half of the comments online concerning brands are positive and less than 10% are negative. Although we cannot help to believe is just a rare case, this reference could indeed make a difference and end with the negative idea about Social Media and stop the fear that some companies have to be present on social networks.

Social Media’s contradictions are normal and only experience can bring some light in a market that’s not really mature but it’s starting to bear fruit.