What is the objective of the website?

Offer the user the opportunity to participate, free of charge and without any consideration in various competitions organised by ALDANITI INTERNATIONAL NETWORK. This draw has the sole purpose of incorporating its data to the advertising file owned by ALDANITI INTERNATIONAL NETWORK.

Where can I find the basis of the drawings?

In the footer of the website you can find the basis of each of the drawings which clearly explain the terms and conditions of participation. Also you will find them in each wingames.

How long do the draws last?

The starting date of the sweepstake will be the 1st of January 2017 and will end on the 31st of December 2017. The draw will take place within 15 days following the completion of the promotion, on the 15th of January 2018.

What are the terms of participation?

It will only be necessary to register in the registration form provided for that purpose, truthfully filling in all required fields showed at the aforementioned form. It will not be valid the participation in the draw, and it will not take place the deliver of the prize to those users who have used false, inaccurate or incomplete data.

What happens if I win?

The winner shall provide the documentation required to successfully deliver the prize within 15 days of the notification of their status of winner. If the winner can not be reached, or if once requested, does not provide the required documentation within the time specified above, the prize will be assigned to the first reserve of the chosen and so on until the prize is duly delivered.

How does ALDANITI INTERNATIONAL NETWORK treat my personal data?

To participate in ALDANITI INTERNATIONAL NETWORK’s drawings, the privacy policy must necessarily be accepted. Aldaniti’s use o