Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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89% of organizations measure the success of their campaigns according to social interactions

In regards to the Content Marketing the prestigious portal of the eMarketer industry has published a study that predicts a good year for content writers. According to the data provided in this report the importance of this tool continues to grow markedly, and their influence on the company strategies is increasingly stronger. So much so that 87% of companies surveyed use visual elements like videos in their marketing strategy. Channels like YouTube – and its large audience, seem to have much influence on developing such materials. The following resources on the preference list are the posts published on blogs with 66.7%, while the third and fourth place with the same percentage is for articles and galleries, both content with 44.4%. The report entitled «Best Practices for Content Marketing: “Best Practices for Content Marketing: Enganging Consumers Across Multiple Digital Channels” estimates that 89% of organizations measure the success of their campaigns in regards to social interactions, such as tweets, I like, citations, references, external links and content sharing, which is achieved through the created content. This measuring system highlights social networks as very important issue where the battle of Content Marketing takes place. This way, places like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or […] read more

San Francisco hosts the ad:tech

Aldaniti representatives will travel all the way to San Francisco, where the ad:tech exhibition will take place on the 11th, 12th, and 13th of April. The on-line marketing and publicity agency will carry on studying the market in that area. With the launch into the Canadian market and their presence in Mexico and also in a large part of South America, the development team of the multinational is considering the insertion in a market as interesting as the North American as a next step to monopolize the American market. The presence of Aldaniti in the San Francisco 2011 ad:tech will be just as a visitor and will not count with a stand, although do not discard the chance to have more of an active roll in future editions. read more

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