New B2C Email database in the Middle East

Aldaniti is growing rapidly and has just launched a new B2C Email database for the Middle East. We are now present in Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Libia, Saudi Arabia and Arab Emirats. read more

Three good things that a user can contribute to your business

Social networks have meant a real turning point in the way we do business now as we no longer have clients, we have users, and that person who you want to sell something to has become a person that wants to buy something from you. In social networks users take charge, give their opinion and show us their wishes. Many people are frightened by this, but apart from trolls, online complaints shouldn’t be a problem, on the contrary it could help you improve your business. New times have made us come closer to our target audience and have helped us observe the multiple faces that our client/user has and these three reasons will help you understand why you should never leave a user unsatisfied or even less run away from him. 1.- Your user is your best seller 80% of consumers seeks information before buying and of this great percentage a lot of them like to hear opinions from others about the product or services you offer. Do you know a better place that a social network or online forum to find these opinions? Besides, Internet still has a rather low reliability. If you are in social networks, you exist. […] read more

Social Media in excellent shape

According to a report from Gartner, worldwide Social Media ad revenues could reach $16.9 billion dollars by the end of this year, which represents an increase by 43.1% compared to 2011. Likewise, BIA/Kelsey recently stated that by the year 2016 U.S. Social Media Ad Revenues will have reached as high as $9.2 billion. These impressive figures theoretically speaking show that Social Media is in good health and the two conclusions that we can draw are that either investment is high because somehow you can cash in on it or because investors are obsessed with 2.0. The general opinion is that if a company is not on Facebook, Twitter o any other social network is like they don’t exist, and that a good chunk of money should be allocated to social media, but nobody talks about how to make money out of it. Can you guess the reaction of the board of directors? And in the midst of this storm of opinions and mixed feelings, Community Managers and Social Media buddies are trying to stay alive. As the proverb says “A watched pot never boils”, so the information and opinions that circulate shouldn’t affect us too much. Of course we should […] read more

Is mobile marketing worth it?

According to a survey carried out by Sybase 365 and the Mobile Marketing Association, 87% of consumers will use a mobile device to help with their Holiday shopping, information that should leave any company wondering if they ought to invest more in mobile marketing. Holidays have always been a great moment to launch campaigns and obtain sales. Christmas season is considered as a good opportunity to improve the poor figures of an economic cycle notable for the falling purchasing power of consumers. The importance of this figure is that it represents an increase by 25% in purchase transactions through a mobile device compared to 2011, which is significant for the future of advertising and marketing. What we can interpret is that we are talking about a sector that advertising can rely on as means to generate higher profits in the short and long term. Turning down a business opportunity that creates such amount of sales seems so reckless, and we’re not just talking about the sale itself as the same study stresses that smart phone users use their devices for transactions that are crucial when it comes to selling such as: comparing prices, getting extra information about the product, or […] read more

The media and entertainment sector dreams about 2016

Bad figures and a lack of successful business cases is the general feeling portrayed by the media. The current crisis is still affecting the market brutally and in the midst of this global economic turmoil, it seems like new technologies are the ones that are going to give us a break. The mass media communications and entertainment sector promises to grow in Spain thanks to the last generation devices better known as “smart phones”, or at least that’s what a study carried out by PWC entitled “Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2012-2016, claims. This information leaves the online sector dreaming about a promising future since the research states that in 2016 it will represent 40% of media and entertainment’s total income. According to PWC such increase will be due mostly to smart phones and tablets. This predicted boom in five years will boost activities such as online advertising whose estimates show that it will go up by 14.2%, which is around 1,989 million Euros. Likewise, access to internet will show a significant improvement worth 6.8% which in economic data can represent 7,997 million Euros. Along with this two business models we can find cable television. In the report a 6.2 […] read more

Two pieces of advice from Oscar Wilde to any copywriter

«There are no more than two rules for writing: having something to say, and saying it». It’s quite likely that Oscar Wilde didn’t know that in the future, writers would exist to do web positioning, conversion of leads and so on. What Mr. Wilde really believed was that if you didn’t have something interesting to say, then it’s better to say nothing at all. It’s not that he was wrong, but nowadays there’s a lot more excuses to write.  Persuading someone to buy something or do something other than with a “buy it now”, “please love me”, or “make me yours” are good reasons to start writing. A professional copywriter usually loves what he does (and most of the time hates what he’s already done) but cannot live without writing. If you don’t feel passionate about writing don’t even bother because people will notice and won’t even read it. Passion for writing though is not a guarantee to get readers, but at least someone might go home happy thanks to what you wrote. Every company in the world and each product has something to say besides the usual “show me the money” from Jerry Maguire.  All companies have a personality […] read more

Online Marketing in 12 statistics

Explaining Online Marketing trends is quite complex. The subjectivity of our work and the constant changes of scenario make it very difficult to even realize which is the current moment that we live in Therefore, we have collected some data that we found relevant. This data can perhaps bring some light to this world flooded with opinions. • 34% of Spaniards welcome email advertising in their inboxes. • 50% of surfers through mobile devices say they notice advertising. • 25% of mobile users get informed or click on an ad. • Searching for information after seeing an ad influenced 1 in 5 people. • 45% of users that are going to make an online purchase look for the physical store of the brand at Google maps. • 57% prefer to shop through their PC compared to 43% that wouldn’t mind doing it through their mobile device. • 29% of potential internet customers say they don’t shop because they don’t feel safe. • The most common activities through a mobile device are: surfing the web, making pictures, playing videos and checking emails. • 33% surfs through a mobile. • E-commerce increased 23,1% compared to year 2010. • Content and apps are […] read more

The advergame: the real content 2.0

In the advertising world nowadays we are trying to achieve something very difficult. The potential customer involvement. With the online world to the head, advertisers are looking for the perfect campaign which does not «force» but «invite» the user to interact. We need him to feel comfortable and tell us what he wants, thinks, feels and that simultaneously collects our message. For this issue many have endeavoured to point out social media as the perfect tools to achieve this goal. The current trend, though, says that the only ones who seem to get good results are large companies. These brands, whose global knowledge makes that having a social media strategy is bound to be known, but not definitive. Precisely the secret of their number of followers is that is already known and not vice versa, which is what local company pursue when they rely on industry experts. If an advertiser goes to a professional of Social Media, he can tell him many stories to make him happy. He can even expand his fans and improve their interactivity. Of course, if the customer orders 40,000 fans in one day, a Community Manager who acts with rigor should answer that to achieve […] read more

89% of organizations measure the success of their campaigns according to social interactions

In regards to the Content Marketing the prestigious portal of the eMarketer industry has published a study that predicts a good year for content writers. According to the data provided in this report the importance of this tool continues to grow markedly, and their influence on the company strategies is increasingly stronger. So much so that 87% of companies surveyed use visual elements like videos in their marketing strategy. Channels like YouTube – and its large audience, seem to have much influence on developing such materials. The following resources on the preference list are the posts published on blogs with 66.7%, while the third and fourth place with the same percentage is for articles and galleries, both content with 44.4%. The report entitled «Best Practices for Content Marketing: “Best Practices for Content Marketing: Enganging Consumers Across Multiple Digital Channels” estimates that 89% of organizations measure the success of their campaigns in regards to social interactions, such as tweets, I like, citations, references, external links and content sharing, which is achieved through the created content. This measuring system highlights social networks as very important issue where the battle of Content Marketing takes place. This way, places like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or […] read more

San Francisco hosts the ad:tech

Aldaniti representatives will travel all the way to San Francisco, where the ad:tech exhibition will take place on the 11th, 12th, and 13th of April. The on-line marketing and publicity agency will carry on studying the market in that area. With the launch into the Canadian market and their presence in Mexico and also in a large part of South America, the development team of the multinational is considering the insertion in a market as interesting as the North American as a next step to monopolize the American market. The presence of Aldaniti in the San Francisco 2011 ad:tech will be just as a visitor and will not count with a stand, although do not discard the chance to have more of an active roll in future editions. read more

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