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3 suggestions to keep your sending lists clean

Nowadays Internet Service Providers (ISPs) apply highly sophisticated filters, and as a result everyday it is becoming more difficult to reach the inbox of our target audience. A new reality in which we need full complicity from the recipient is evident. ISPs are increasingly demanding and more emails are being diverted to the spam folder so we have to be aware of it more than ever. These anti-spam filters can discard our send outs because many of the addresses are not valid. If a company launches emails to a large number of addresses that are considered invalid, the anti-spam filters will block the message and we will have failed in our efforts. Our communication is lost and very few people that are considered our target audience will rescue the information from their spam. To prevent this from happening these are our three suggestions: 1 – Update the data of your followers as it’s constantly changing. Research from ReturnPath says that more than 30% of users change their email address every year 2- Control: Check for hard bounces in your list and study the hours that generate the best response time of your audience. 3- Eliminate: Try to delete all invalid […] read more

3 essential contents in Email Marketing

Anybody can write an email but when it comes to email marketing not everyone in the sector has acknowledged the importance of having a professional copywriter to do so. The increasing competition for this kind of communication is making us improve all the aspects of our business in order to remain competitive. The main problems of email that we have today are two: -It seeks to meet the needs of a product / brand: This method presents the product well, but it completely ignores the customer -It seeks to satisfy the ego of the writer / agency: A journalist should always ask himself who he is writing for. Both mistakes could be defined as a bad approach. The important thing about written communication that tries to remain relevant to the client is that it cannot ignore the client. Our efforts should be directed towards meeting the needs, desires and dreams of our customers, which will turn them into your followers, in other words you are building loyalty. The three contents that a client considers positive are: 1. Exclusive content. Information about a general topic that could make a brand/product and client find each other. What do you have in common […] read more

3 hints to get the best out of 2013

Every year the market gets flooded with products and services and we need more than good luck to bring money in, therefore you can no longer sell campaigns that don’t deliver results. We must have a solid plan in which we can drive our efforts, creativity and know-how to meet our customer’s needs. How can you do it? Here are 3 essentials to get the best out of 2013: 1. – Be direct It is said that one of the best tricks to increase your sales is to find those people that need your services or want your product. But what if those people find you instead? This could be possible with Direct Marketing and there’s no doubt that Online Marketing, its greatest technique, will be the king as it has the highest ROI. The emergence of the Smartphone means higher ability to make an impact so its effectiveness increases. Checking an email is no longer an act that takes place in a lonely room, every day it becomes something you do while surrounded by more people and the effect can be similar to that of a cluster bomb. If you receive an outstanding offer, how long will it take […] read more

Six Types of Internet Shoppers according to Leo Burnett

Online shopping seems to be at its best moment and the emergence of Smartphones only tells us that it has an even better future ahead; because of this a lot of research has been done to shed some light on this matter such as content with guidelines, success stories, and case studies trying to show us a world that’s slowly emerging before our very eyes. A recent study from ad agency Leo Burnett entitled Peopleshop reveals new data on how people shop online, specifically identifying six shopper archetypes: Quality Seeker – This archetype is all about analyzing and seeking a balance between the price and the convenience of a product or brand. Stategic Saver – Money matters and this person is a comparison shopper who will dig for deals to find the best way to get the most maximum savings possible. Habitual Sprinter – They already have a preconceived idea of what they want, so they go directly to the place where they know they can find it and acquire it. They are usually concerned with brand loyalty. Dollar Defaulter – This shopper has a single mission: find the cheapest deals around. Passionate Explorer – This shopper likes the Internet world and shops for the […] read more

My Avatar Dreams Christmas winners

We have the winners of the advergame Christmas promotion: 1- Elisabeth Lubinski 500€ 2- Jeremy 200€ 3- Gerard Wey 100€ 4- Bart Van Mill 100€ 5-Maria de Juan 100€ Congratulations to the 5 winners that obtained the highest score in the game and that will be able to enjoy their gift vouchers. We hope this relieves your wallet during this high-spending season. We also appreciate everyone’s participation and we hope we had brought some joy to you this Christmas by playing the reindeer race. read more

What does a brand’s future depend on?

Despite great debates about the internet’s use, the web is definitely used to look up all sorts of information. Some people say that the internet could be used to improve customer service, others say it is a tool to listen to the client, others state that is good for selling or purchasing, the majority uses it to stay in touch with people and very few believe it just causes a lot of trouble. Nevertheless, Internet is where we can find the details of our favorite movie, the exact place where your favorite actor was born, who said what and when, and of course everything about the latest product or service that everybody has been talking about lately. But not only that, you can also find how much it costs, where it is sold, and all the references that you can have about it. On the web people seek information, security, prices and experiences. It is the perfect reinforcement for a sales campaign. We need SEO to express how good we can be, and social networks for others to be who say how good we really are. Internet creates and spreads knowledge all through interesting contents, and our future depends largely […] read more

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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