Every year the market gets flooded with products and services and we need more than good luck to bring money in, therefore you can no longer sell campaigns that don’t deliver results. We must have a solid plan in which we can drive our efforts, creativity and know-how to meet our customer’s needs.

dianaHow can you do it? Here are 3 essentials to get the best out of 2013:

1. – Be direct

It is said that one of the best tricks to increase your sales is to find those people that need your services or want your product. But what if those people find you instead? This could be possible with Direct Marketing and there’s no doubt that Online Marketing, its greatest technique, will be the king as it has the highest ROI.

The emergence of the Smartphone means higher ability to make an impact so its effectiveness increases. Checking an email is no longer an act that takes place in a lonely room, every day it becomes something you do while surrounded by more people and the effect can be similar to that of a cluster bomb. If you receive an outstanding offer, how long will it take you to spread the word around the people next to you?  Most likely, immediately.

2. – Have fun

Advertising has conquered the video game world, it couldn’t be otherwise. So far we have different trends such Gamification, Advergaming, In-game Advertising

-Gamification is the use of a game by a brand in order to engage users to execute some kind of action such as problem solving or the creation of a profile.

-Advergaming is the creation of a game specifically made to advertise a product and its main difference from Gamification is that it’s created with the aim of interacting with a brand so its purpose is basically branding.

-In-game Advertising has been in use quite long and it basically consists in advertising in a video game. A great example would be the use of billboards in sports videogames, so to say product placement.

-Spotgame is a video game created to follow up on the story of a spot or advertising campaign already created. It helps to increase visibility and develop a concept by engaging users.

Social networks have a symbiotic relationship with these games because we can attract active followers and build loyalty throughout these kinds of products and on the meantime find more participants for our campaign using its viral power. What is more, these campaigns have a great impact because the player has a leading role in the campaign.

Remember to make your games mobile device friendly because your target audience could find a way to use those long and boring commuting hours.

3. – Improve your SEO

67% of people that make a purchase over the internet search for information about the product or service they are about to pay for. Almost everyone uses search engines and with a Smartphone anyone can access the internet anywhere. If someone seeks references about your brand or your product, do you know what the Internet says about you?


So this is our advice to succeed in 2013, three ideas that could make you more profitable.