The advergame: the real content 2.0

In the advertising world nowadays we are trying to achieve something very difficult. The potential customer involvement. With the online world to the head, advertisers are looking for the perfect campaign which does not «force» but «invite» the user to interact. We need him to feel comfortable and tell us what he wants, thinks, feels and that simultaneously collects our message. For this issue many have endeavoured to point out social media as the perfect tools to achieve this goal. The current trend, though, says that the only ones who seem to get good results are large companies. These brands, whose global knowledge makes that having a social media strategy is bound to be known, but not definitive. Precisely the secret of their number of followers is that is already known and not vice versa, which is what local company pursue when they rely on industry experts. If an advertiser goes to a professional of Social Media, he can tell him many stories to make him happy. He can even expand his fans and improve their interactivity. Of course, if the customer orders 40,000 fans in one day, a Community Manager who acts with rigor should answer that to achieve […] read more

89% of organizations measure the success of their campaigns according to social interactions

In regards to the Content Marketing the prestigious portal of the eMarketer industry has published a study that predicts a good year for content writers. According to the data provided in this report the importance of this tool continues to grow markedly, and their influence on the company strategies is increasingly stronger. So much so that 87% of companies surveyed use visual elements like videos in their marketing strategy. Channels like YouTube – and its large audience, seem to have much influence on developing such materials. The following resources on the preference list are the posts published on blogs with 66.7%, while the third and fourth place with the same percentage is for articles and galleries, both content with 44.4%. The report entitled «Best Practices for Content Marketing: “Best Practices for Content Marketing: Enganging Consumers Across Multiple Digital Channels” estimates that 89% of organizations measure the success of their campaigns in regards to social interactions, such as tweets, I like, citations, references, external links and content sharing, which is achieved through the created content. This measuring system highlights social networks as very important issue where the battle of Content Marketing takes place. This way, places like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or […] read more

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